• Imagined by Martin Reichl, CPA, MBA in 1989 in Berlin, Germany and founded in the U.S. in 2001, AmeriConcept Consulting has continously provided Business Consulting to international clients. Our foundation is expertise and execution of business strategies in Finance and Accounting, Human Resources and Business Taxes with a particular passion for international clientele.
  • A signficant portion of our revenue is generated by SAP R/3 Consulting, we are SAP “Veterans" with 25 years of experience in R/3 and even R/2. Since many of our European customers or branch offices using SAP, the combination of SAP and local Accounting has proven to be a strong and valuable combination.
  • Many of our customers also engage us for their Employee Payroll, we calculate gross and net receipts and take care of all the tax and compliance work. We run payroll on any ERP system, ADP, Paycore, Paychex or Intuit depending on the requirements.
  • Competitive advantages are typically thought to be generated from either the product or sales, however our extensive research shows that the production factor human resource is often forgotten in today’s business world but is of equal or superior importance. Our Human Resource Services strive to increase employee retention, as turnover creates uncertainty and significant costs for each enterprise.

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